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    Stephen Ellis annual lecture: What is prosperity for Africa?

    18:30 uurAfrican Studies Centre, Pieter de la Court building, Leiden

    Africa is the continent that has been most bedevilled by development plans and policies. Rising GDP in recent years has not led to better quality of life for most residents, and the challenges of demographics, climate change and disease seem as intractable as ever. by Prof. Henrietta Moore, University College London.

    What is the future for Africa in the 21st century? African governments, policy makers, activists and citizens have mapped out their own visions and priorities, but how can these pathways to prosperity be realised? This lecture discusses the challenges and constraints Africa faces, but also the forms of innovation and public purpose that provide a blueprint for the future. Professor Henrietta Moore argues that the first step towards prosperity is to recognise the disabling effects of our current thinking about the economic models underpinning theories of development and change.